Saturday, December 10, 2011

Fantasy? Sci-Fi? Realistic Fiction?

As if in a dream, I had a vision, and the vision said, "Why do adults have labels on their books telling them which books are murder mysteries and which are sci-fi and we teens have ours all thrown together like some kind of confusing and tasteless book stew?"

And so I heard the vision, and when I awakened, I began printing labels: fantasy, sci-fi, realistic fiction, historical fiction, mystery and one other I can't remember, I guess I don't use it much.  I'm labeling away and changing the record in the computer so that books will look like this:  Hunger Games YA FIC COLLINS Sci-Fi. Eventually I'll move the actual books, so fantasy will be in its own section (if only I could arrange something like a fantasy section where you had to speak "Friend" and press a button for the bookshelves to pop out of a cave like opening -- and for the mysteries a siren would go off, etc.

Please please please if I make any mistakes in my labeling let me know. Because despite rumors, I haven't actually read every book in the library. I'm going by cover blurbs.

I'd love to hear your comments! And if any of you have time to spare this Christmas, drop by and you can help me sort!

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