Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Sunshine States 2016 - 2017

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My Reading List:

  • All Fall Down by Ally Carter. Realistic (sort of)/Adventure.  Grace is having a VERY hard time getting over the horrific death of her mother and it doesn't help any that no one believes her when she says the death was a murder, not an accident, and she can ID the murderer.  The characters are fairly lovable, but... Let me explain the analogy "like a broken record".  It was when a vinyl LP had a scratch and would repeat the same bit over and over to madness.  This was the All Fall Down plotline. Crossover by Kwame Alexander. Realistic? Too tame a word to describe this slam dunk book. Free verse narrates the family drama alternating with the hip-hop on the court. Pulls you in and along.
  • Echo by Pam Munoz Ryan.  Everyone's raving about this one as being MAGICAL in an odd mysterious way, but I kinda wasn't in the mood even though I usually love her stuff. But I'd like to hear what you have to say about it. The part in Nazi Germany really hit home with me though. Esp. since I have epilepsy. If I'd been a kid in Nazi Germany I'd be shot.
  • Frenzy by Robert Lettrick.  A summer camp surrounded by a forest full of animals infected with a mutant strain of rabies. How can you resist? The action never falters, and the characters die off very quickly. The villain is particularly appealing, a welcome change from your usual schoolroom bully. He's a hardnosed chess champion, quite willing to sacrifice his fellow campers in their desperate trek to safety.
  • Honest Truth by Dan Gemeinhart.  Realistic. Mark's cancer is out of remission, and he's decided not to go through treatment again. Instead, he's going to climb Mount Rainier. If it's the last thing he does. Actually, he plans on it being the last thing he does.  Great combo of realistic adventure and a guy you care about.
  • Nickel Bay Nick by Dean Pitchford. Realistic/adventure. Don't be put off by a bad cover and a corny title. First person Sam has a lot to be bitter about, and we find out on the first page he is teetering on the edge of delinquency. Then he falls off his neighbor's roof while running from the police, and his mysterious neighbor expects him to work off the damage by helping with a very strange, and secret, project.  Which does not involve drugs. This is one of those rare books where you get to feel good WHILE you're reading it AND it's exciting. 
  • The Sinister Sweetness of Splendid Academy by Nikki Loftin.  VERY fun, a bit silly, and totally macabre.
  • The Tapper Twins Go to War (With Each Other)  by Geoff Rockey. VERY fun, a bit silly, and highly authentic. If I had a twin sibling and was forced to live in a New York apartment with him/her, this is just how it would go down.
  • Turn Left at the Cow by Lisa Bullard.  What a bad title! What a good book.  Jusssst the right combo of mystery, drama of family & friends, and a vivid lake setting.  Pick this one. 

We'll be SPINNING FOR PRIZES this summer.