5 Credit Hour Orientation for Teen Volunteers, to be completed on-line

4 1/2 hours of this orientation can be completed on-line. After you get your certificates from Order in the Library and finish your tutorial and Netsmartz, give us a call to schedule your library tour and sign-up. 

We’d like you to be familiar with using our library’s website so you can help patrons in the library and help your classmates use our resources.  We would also like your input on our website design – we just changed it last month! So take the next two hours, look around on it, use these questions to explore, and when you’re finished, let us know what you think of our site.

All of these questions can be answered easily just be going on our website.

1.   Name a title of a Sunshine State Reading List book, Grades 6 – 8.
2.   Who wrote the book, I Am Blop!
3.   Does Gulf Beaches have a copy?
4.   Is it checked in?
5.   How many copies are in the county?
6.   Where is it located in the library? (call number)
7.   Using the advanced search pulldown, find out how many copies of 3:10 to Yuma we have in DVD. Do we have the old and the new one? Are they checked in?
8.   Using the advanced search pulldown, with More Search Options, find out how which  Harry Potter book our library has in Spanish.
9.   Looking under the e-source tab at the top, how many languages could you study using the Mango program on our library database?
10.  On the Gulf Beaches Library home page, there’s a tab at the top for Resources. Click on that and take a look at some of the Subscription Databases we offer. (You’ll need to have your library card out for this; your password is your last name.) If you’re assigned a project at school, and you have to use a print source, Infotrac links to articles published in print that have been digitized for easier access. Still count as print though.  Give the title of any article on any subject you took a look at.
11.  Click on Overdrive, our software program for downloading audiobooks and e-books to patron’s devices. What’s the title of a book you recognize?

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